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Double Glazed Venetians

Unique, sleek & professional. The perfect Vision Control solution right where you need it most.

Controllaview's double glazed Venetian panels are an optimal solution for a wide variety of applications ranging from residential to healthcare, commercial, correctional and educational.

Hermetically sealed double glazed units means Controllaview can provide a product free from control mechanisms that compromise competitors products and make them unsuitable for clean rooms or sterile areas.

The air tight seal also means the internal blinds require no cleaning and very little maintenance is required externally.

Technical Drawing


*Not to scale

The drawing pictured above is an example of our standard magnetic Venetian.

Spacer width (C): 19.1mm
Slat size: 12.5mm
Bottom rail (E): 7mm
Side rail (Spacer)(F): 7mm
Side rail (Magnet)(F): 55mm
Top rail (D): 42mm

The top rail where the Venetian retracts up to measures at 42mm, while the side rail with the magnetic controller will measure 55mm wide.
In a unit that is tilt only, only one side rail with an internal control is required while on tilt & lift units exceeding a certain size, it may be required to have two.

Top Down View

See below Cad sketch for cross section.
In tilt & lift unit with split controls there is two side rails with attached magnet as shown above.
The clearance between the edge of the guide rail holding the magnet and the glass is 20mm.


Colour Selection

Our Venetian slats are available in 8 colours. The internal rails will be coloured to match the Venetian slats.
If you would like a colour swatch to be sent to you, please send us an email. sales@controllaview.com.au