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Electric Venetians

For when you need the ultimate Vision Control solution.Along with Controllaview's range of unique magnetically operated blind systems, we can also offer an electric Venetian unit, hermetically sealed with no external components.

This incredible product allows never before seen levels of innovation when it comes to your project. Suitable in all areas a normal unit can go, electric Venetians give you greater access to a wider range of glass options and sizes.

Available as a wall switch operated unit or with an optional remote, these are ideal for high end residential, correctional or high risk mental health where thicker than usual glass may affect operation of a standard magnetic unit.

Technical Drawing

* Not to scale

The drawing pictured above is an example of our standard electric Venetian. All electric components are located inside the head rail and are completely sealed inside the unit.

The units are supplied with a wall switch for operation. A remote can be supplied as an extra upon request. The units have a positive and negative wire extending from the panel and will need to be wired into the supplied wall switch by a certified electrician.

Spacer width (C): 27.1mm
Slat size: 16mm
Side rails (F): 7mm
Bottom rail (E): 7mm
Top Rail(D): 45mm

Top Down View

The above is a cross section for an electrically operated unit. There is no guide rail or magnet required to operate this and nothing sits on the face of the glass.


Control Options






- 240VAC to 24VDC.

- 30w total power.

- Up to 20 channels.

- Remote control directly pairable to receiver

- Raise, lower & tilt function

- Up to 200m range


Colour Selection 

Our Venetian slats are available in 4 colours. The internal rails will be coloured to match the Venetian slats.
If you would like a colour swatch to be sent to you, please send us an email. sales@controllaview.com.au